Shop with Love: Changing the Way Women Shop

Shop with Love: Changing the Way Women Shop

It’s ironic, isn’t it?

Women are stereotyped as shopping junkies. And yet, most women will bemoan shopping, especially for clothes. Who looks forward to the stress over finding something to wear even before you leave the house? Or the physical discomfort of uncomfortable outfits? 

The hyper consciousness you feel when you walk into a store and sense the judgment? The forever it takes to find something that appeals to you. The disappointment when it’s not in your size. 

And finally, after hours, you resign and buy whatever fits, even though deep down you know you’re never going to wear it or you’ll hate yourself when you do.

When did this become the fate of a majority of women on earth?

Probably around the time cookie-cutter manufactured outfits replaced boutique clothing and when an influential few with exceptionally limited taste and no eye for beauty took over the fashion world.

 But all hope isn’t lost. Not yet. 

There’s a tiny little gem called Elice’s Closet. 

And it’s waging a massive war—one that hopes to transform, change, and heal the world. 

Our weapon of choice? Fashion! 

The movement’s being led by the founder, Donnice Jackson, who believes that women should not have to feel inferior when they shop.

That’s right! 

Elice’s Closet is a strong proponent of self-love and body positivity.  And our goal is to encourage women to discover and see their true beauty, one outfit at a time. 


Elice’s Closet: A Fashion BFF You Can Count On

It’s not easy for a lot of women to like what they see in the mirror. This is particularly hard to do when friends, family, and society label you differently.

But learning to love yourself and embrace who you are inside and out is a journey. And while fashionable, well-fitting clothes aren’t the solution, they’re a step in the right direction.

Fashion can be used to make a powerful statement. Your choice of clothing can say, “This is all of me. I am powerful, relevant, and beautiful,” or it can say, “Don’t question my authenticity because no one knows me better than myself.” 

So why wear anything that makes you feel less than?

And that’s what Elice’s Closet aims to accomplish. We want to give women an inclusive space to feel and look good by reinventing the idea of fashion and helping you curate a closet you can be proud of.

Our motto is simple: provide high-quality, durable clothing for women of all colors, ethnicities, and body shapes. It’s not our style to criticize, judge, or appear inadequate in what we offer our fellow sisters through Elice’s Closet.

On the contrary, our platform is like a soundstage of sorts that helps empower women to own their beauty and sexuality.

There’s more to fashion than one would care to admit. Elice’s Closet is that friend who’ll always root for you and cheer you on, no matter what. 


Our Ethos in a Nutshell

  • Create classic, chic, and universal styles to help women express their love for fashion.
  • Practice daily love, kindness, and fierce support for women of all ages and cultures.
  • Join forces with like-minded groups and entities to support and help the Black community and underprivileged children.
  • Create a safe space for women to express their individuality through fashion.
  • Encourage those in privileged positions to support and intensify our message of love, acceptance, equality, and indiscrimination.

Shopping should be fun, not boring, time-consuming, and pointless, and not all brands get it right. But we’re here to change that. 

So bring home some self-love today, the Elice’s Closet way!

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