Our Story


We envision a world where women are proud of their bodies no matter her size.

Stemming from the misconception that curvy women aren’t beautiful, at Elice’s Closet we reject that viewpoint. By specializing in quality clothing for real women with real bodies, our goal is to normalize a curvy standard of beauty.In a world where clothing doesn’t have enough stretch, is too expensive, sexy, and tight, Elice’s Closet offers versatile clothing selections that comfortably accentuates a woman’s curves.


Elice’s Closet is not just another online retailer.
We celebrate a woman’s curves and promote:


Women of Color must be true to who they are without conforming to
society’s skinny standard of beauty.


A woman with curves is no less deserving of respect than women with body types.


Loving yourself and community circulates positive energy.


“The name “Elice” comes from my sister.”

From the store’s name to its overarching mission, Elice’s Closet is an online store steeped in family and community. Owner Donnice named her passion venture after her beloved sister, Elice, who is the inspiration for Elice’s Closet. Donnice, a speech and language pathologist and entrepreneur, believes clothing is as important as speech in representing who you are.

“I used to shop at The Gap, but I became frustrated at their lack of jean sizes for my body type.”

Frustrated with the lack of diversity in clothing for curvy women sizes 10-16, Donnice founded Elice’s Closet to accentuate a woman’s curves without tight and uncomfortable clothing. Her mission is to use Elice’s Closet as a platform and voice to build confidence and comfortability around a woman’s curves.