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The Diana Sweater Dress

The Diana Sweater Dress

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Imagine this; you’ve woken up early on a Saturday and decide to run downstairs to grab a coffee. You’ve slipped on The Diana Sweater Dress and your cleanest sneakers before heading out the door.

While waiting in line, you get a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and find your boss staring back at you. Good thing you’re feeling mighty cool in your best sweater dress!

You end up sitting with your manager for a coffee, and she offers you the promotion you’ve always wanted. Voila, your dreams have come true, and it’s not even noon yet.

Never doubt you’re going to run into someone at the coffee shop. My best advice is to have a clean and cool sweater dress on hand when the cappuccino craving calls.

Cotton: 68%, Polyester: 32%
Oversized Sweater Dress. Very Comfortable and Great Quality.
Model A: 5'4; Size Small

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